The following is a comprehensive archive of our past reports and key documents.

Providing Transparency in Health Reporting

Decade Review of Health Status Report 

Building a Healthier St. Louis, a Decade of Progress (2001 – 2011)

2012 Access to Care Data Book 

2011 Access to Care Data Book

2010 Access to Care Data Book

2009 Access to Care Report

2008 Access to Care Report

2008 Access to CaremData Book

Progress Toward Building a Healthier St. Louis Report to the Community (2002-2007)

2007 Access to Care Report

2003 Building a Healthier St. Louis Report on the Integrity of St. Louis’ Health Care Safety Net

2003 Access to Care Data Book

Additional Health Status Data (not used in Building a Healthier St. Louis)

Neighborhood and Municipality Summary Health Status Measures and Rankings

Improving Care Coordination and Integration

Recommendations Strategic Plan Executive Summary

Recommendations for Improving Safety Net Primary and Specialty Care Services in St. Louis City and County: Strategic Plan and Detailed Discussion of Recommendations

Map: Find a Health Center Near You!


Expanding Safety Net Dental Care Services

Dental Grant Initiative Outcome Report

Dental Grant Initiative Outcome Report Executive Summary

Transforming Behavioral Health in the Eastern Region

Access to Behavioral Health Task Force, December 2009 Behavioral Health Recommendations

Access to Behavioral Health Task Force Status Report Fact Sheet

Eastern Region Current Behavioral Health Assessment Public Mental Health Planning Project
April-December 2006

ERBHI Coordinating Care for High Utilizers Implementation Team Summary Report

Improving Entry Recommendations for the ERBHI Access System Concept Proposal

Pathways to Progress: Transforming the Behavioral Health System Report

Gathering the Community’s Perspective to Impact the Transformation Process

Consumer and Family Perceptions of St. Louis Region Behavioral Health Services PowerPoint

Consumer Focus Group Final Report

Family Focus Group Final Report

Provider Focus Group Quarterly Report

Summary Focus Group Report

Developing Cultural Competency Training for Providers

Guiding Principles of RESPECT for the Eastern Region

“Seeing the Person Beyond the Label: Cultural Competence at an Organizational or Program Level” PowerPoint

“Seeing the Person Beyond the Label” PowerPoint

Creating the Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis

Behavioral Health Network Community Report

Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Services

Access to Behavioral Health Task Force “Integration of Physical and Behavioral Health” Recommendations

Interim Report

Pathways to Progress: Transforming the Behavioral Health System

Coming Together for Comprehensive Patient Care

St. Louis American article, “People’s, Hopewell Integrate Services”
Nov. 5-11, 2009

Establishing the St. Louis Psychiatric Stabilization Center

Community Access Transformation Final Proposal

Eastern Region Behavioral Health Steering Committee Approved Principles on Privatization of a State-Operated Mental Health Facility

Emergency Response, Capacity and Communications Plan, Final Draft

MPC Regional Psychiatric Capacity Analysis and Recommendations

MPC Short-Term Crisis Team Emergency Response, Capacity, and Communications Plan

Short-Term Crisis Management Team Scope and Impact of MPC ED/Acute Care Closure

Joining the Region’s Heroin Response

Update: RHC Investment in Regional Heroin Response Collaborative and Nine Network Program

Fostering Collaboration Among Community and University Partners

2009 CUHRP Application form

2010 CUHRP Application form

CUHRP Brochure

Project Development Workshop flyer

CUHRP Grant Proposal Instructions Resources and Template

CUHRP Initial Progress Evaluation

CUHRP Initial Progress Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation Outline

CUHRP Letter of Intent Form

CUHRP Memorandum of Understanding

CUHRP Our Community, Our Health Skills Building Workshop PowerPoint

CUHRP Request for Proposal

Identifying and Selecting Partners

Tips and Strategies for Developing Strong, Community-Based Participatory Research Proposals

Empowering Individuals Through Health Literacy Training and Education

Detailed Discussion of Health Literacy Recommendations
Approved 01-2006

Conducting a Comprehensive Community Health Assessment

Community Health Detailed Discussion of Community Health Recommendations

Community Health Infrastructure Assessment for St. Louis City and County, executive summary

Community Health Infrastructure Assessment for St. Louis City and County, full report

Sharing Responsibility, Improving Community Health Event Flyer

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