Jennifer Brinkmann joined the St. Louis Regional Health Commission in 2010 as Chief of Staff. In this position, she led the Gateway to Better Health Demonstration, which was awarded to the State of Missouri in 2010. Her work includes collaborating with the community and area health care providers to design and implement a pilot program that has provided health care coverage to nearly 25,000 St. Louis area residents.

Prior to joining the RHC, Jennifer was a senior vice president at Standing Partnership. In this role, she assisted the RHC and its stakeholders with a regional plan that addressed the closure of the state psychiatric hospital, Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center.

Jennifer also served as president of Patrick Davis Partners, a brand strategy and brand management firm. At Patrick Davis, Jennifer led the firm’s day-to-day work and oversaw the operations of the firm. She also worked for BJC HealthCare in their corporate communications department. Jennifer’s work has appeared in Vital Speeches of the Day, which published a speech she prepared for a surgeon about the importance of patient and physician relationships.

She earned her undergraduate degree with honors from Stephens College in Columbia, Mo., and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Stephens College awarded her its “Alumnae Service Award,” for her tenure and contributions as president of its Alumnae Association Board. She also currently serves on the board of the Maternal Child Family Health Coalition.

A life-long resident of the St. Louis region, Jennifer enjoys spending her free time exploring the St. Louis area and its neighborhoods with her husband, Glenn, and two children, Claire and Henry.

Contact Jennifer at or (314) 446-6454 ext. 1121.