Vontriece McDowell, received her Bachelors from DePaul University in Sociology and African and Black Diaspora Studies in her hometown of Chicago, IL. Vontriece later received her Masters of Social Work from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis where she studied Social and Economic Development.

Vontriece has several years of experience in community engagement. For the last eight years she worked for Beyond Housing, a non-profit, community development organization that focuses its resources within the geography of the Normandy Schools Collaborative. As their Director of Community Engagement, Vontriece worked directly with the community to build resident leaders, understand community priorities, and help to align her organization’s efforts with the community’s needs. This work was part of a collective impact effort known as the 24:1 initiative where the 24 municipalities within the Normandy Schools geography have a shared vision of Strong Communities, Engaged Families, and Successful Children. Vontriece is experienced in developing and managing meaningful relationships with diverse communities and key stakeholders. She has designed and implemented strategic engagement plans around health, economic development, and education with key partners such as Great Rivers Greenway, St. Louis County, and Normandy Schools Collaborative. She is passionate about honest and open dialogue with clients and stakeholders, to ensure that their voice informs her work.

Additionally, Vontriece is adjunct faculty at both Washington University and St. Louis University’s School of Social Work. She joined the St. Louis Regional Health Commission in 2016 as the Director of Community Based Interventions for Alive and Well STL.

Vontriece loves working with the community but her best moments are with her husband Nicholas and their three children, Malikye, Niyah and Brayden.

Contact Vontriece at vmcdowell@stlrhc.org or (314) 446-6454 ext. 1042.