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Become an Alive and Well STL Ambassador

Join Alive and Well STL by becoming an Ambassador! This is an opportunity for individuals to get involved and collaborate on Alive and Well STL by:

  • Attending regular Ambassador meetings, based on individual interest level, where new educational content will be shared and next steps for the Alive and Well STL initiative will be discussed;
  • Serving as a representative to their communities, ensuring the Alive and Well initiative  has broad community input and that the knowledge and resources within the Ambassadors is shared broadly with organizations, groups and individuals interested in becoming Alive and Well; and
  • Guiding Alive and Well STL to achieve the initiative’s objectives by leading conversations within their places of work, neighborhoods, faith communities or other places about how people can move from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What’s happened to you?” in order to improve health outcomes in St. Louis.

If you are interested in being part of Alive and Well STL and helping continue the conversation in your organization, neighborhood, and faith community, please, visit www.aliveandwellstl.com or email aliveandwellstl@stlrhc.org.