The Purpose

In December 2012, the Regional Health Commission (RHC) approved endorsing Medicaid expansion for the state of Missouri in 2014. Given the importance of this decision to the State of Missouri and to the future of the St. Louis safety net system, the RHC has worked to engage and educate the St. Louis community. The RHC is proud to be part of gaining national coverage on Medicaid in Missouri, including this story from the CBS Evening News.

The following is a summary of additional RHC efforts.

Medicaid Program Broadcast on PBS

On Monday, January 28, 2013, Nine Network (KETC Channel 9) broadcast a 30-minute educational program on the Medicaid decision. This program outlined the access to care issues, policies, economic impact, and politics that surround the Medicaid expansion decision in Missouri. Based on the initial broadcast, rebroadcasts, and broadcast on two other Missouri PBS stations (Central MO/Warrensburg: KMOS and Kansas City: KCPT), it is estimated that over 50,000 Missourians watched this program.

Dissemination of Key Video Messages and Discussion Guide

Following the broadcast, the RHC selected four key video messages from the program and developed a discussion guide entitled “The Impact of the Medicaid Decision in Missouri” to facilitate conversations among stakeholders throughout the State. The video clips provide an overview of Medicaid and explore the impact of the decision on access to primary care, access to healthcare in rural areas and on the Missouri economy. The RHC disseminated the video clips and discussion guide to approximately 10,000 individuals via social media, email, and community meetings.

We are excited to engage with you in a conversation about the impact of the Medicaid decision on primary care access, rural healthcare, and the economy. We hope you find this information useful and we encourage you to share this broadly with your colleagues, networks, community partners, and friends.

Check out the key video clips and download the discussion guide.

Medicaid in Missouri Discussion Guide

Download the Discussion Guide

Medicaid Overview

Impact on the Economy

Impact on Primary Care Access

Impact on Rural Hospitals

Another health care provider in rural Missouri recently announced its closure. Checkout the following articles for more information about the impact  to jobs and health in the community as Missouri continues to consider the decision to accept Medicaid Expansion.

Commentary: Not expanding Medicaid is hurting Missouri rural hospitals 

Osceola residents learn more details about Sac-Osage hospital closure

Key Resources

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