In August 2013, the Chairman of Saint Louis ConnectCare (SLCC) provided a letter to the St. Louis Regional Health Commission (RHC), and requested RHC “convene an appropriate group of community partners to assist in developing and implementing a transition plan for Specialty Clinics and transportation services…as a goal, we have set October 1, 2013 as the date by which service eliminations would be completed. We foresee that assistance may be needed in securing sufficient access to care for approximately 12,000 patient visits [annually].”

During this meeting, the RHC unanimously agreed to convene such group, and authorized its CEO to begin all due actions to develop and execute these transition planning efforts. This plan is being accomplished in two phases: (1) immediate planning in the 40 days prior to service eliminations at SLCC on October 1, and (2)development of longer-term community solutions that may take weeks or months to implement that will preserve and enhance access to services historically provided by ConnectCare that are not sustainable at that institution long-term.

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