This week, St. Louis Public Radio published an article highlighting the efforts of Missouri’s religious leaders as they spread the word about the state’s recently expanded Medicaid program. Missouri Faith Voices, a grassroots organization made of faith leaders in St. Louis, Springfield, Jefferson City, and other parts of the state, has volunteers going door to door in neighborhoods and calling people to explain what Medicaid is, how it works, and who is now eligible to receive the health insurance benefits.

So far, the state has enrolled about 28 percent of the estimated 275,000 Missourians who are now eligible for Medicaid, and tens of thousands of people are still waiting for their applications to be processed. However, Missouri Faith Voices is aiming to help get the word out about expanded eligibility to the residents who need it most.

The RHC’s CEO, Angela Brown, was also featured in the article, highlighting the importance of churches, temples, and other faith-based organizations for bridging the divide between public health authorities and low-income communities.

“I think there is a gap between our health care providers and the communities that they serve in terms of trustee relationships, where people feel like they can go to them for just factual information.”

Angela Brown, St. Louis Regional Health Commission CEO

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