Since 2001, the Regional Health Commission has undertaken a variety of regional planning initiatives to improve the St. Louis healthcare safety net and reduce health disparities in our region. As a result of these efforts, the Department of Health and Human Services has named St. Louis as a national model for transforming its safety net health care system.

You can learn more about our past work and find archives of past reports and events below. To learn about our ongoing activities, visit our current work page and click here to get involved.

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Access to Care Initiatives

Building a Financially Sustainable System

One of the core roles of the RHC is to ensure a financially sustainable healthcare system for all, regardless of ability to pay. In this role, the RHC is the fiscal manager for a $30 million annual demonstration (see Gateway to Better Health) which provides over 20% of all funding for all community health centers […]

Medicaid in Missouri

In partnership with the Nine Network of Public Media, the RHC created a program examining the Medicaid expansion decision facing Missouri. This 30-minute program looks at the Missouri Medicaid decision from the perspective of providers, hospitals, politicians, and patients. Watch key clips from this program or read more about this important public policy decision.

Improving Care Coordination and Integration

We supported the development of the St. Louis Integrated Health Network and helped integrate behavioral and physical health services through the merger of Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Center and Hopewell Center.

Expanding Safety Net Dental Care Services

We funded four new dentists at community health centers in St. Louis City and County, which expanded access to high-quality dental care.

Behavioral Health Initiatives

Behavioral Health Assessment and Triage Center Feasibility Study

In the City of Saint Louis and Saint Louis County, many individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) and problematic substance use (SU) are not being adequately treated, resulting in an increased number of encounters in emergency departments (ED) and the criminal justice system. These systems may not be the appropriate settings for all individuals with […]

Transforming Behavioral Health in the Eastern Region

We created the Eastern Region Behavioral Health Initiative to strengthen behavioral health service delivery.

Creating the Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis

We initiated the formation of the Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis, an independent non-profit organization to facilitate the integration and coordination of behavioral health services in the region.

Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Services

We collaborated with community health centers and community mental health centers through an innovative joint funding initiative between the RHC and St. Louis’ Episcopal-Presbyterian Health Trust.

Establishing the St. Louis Psychiatric Stabilization Center

We conducted psychiatric capacity planning for the St. Louis region and provided $1.5 million in funding which led to the opening of the Psychiatric Stabilization Center. This planning effort was in response to the state of Missouri’s request of the RHC to create a local plan to address issues created by the closure of the phased closure of fifty inpatient psychiatric beds at the St. Louis Metropolitan Psychiatric Center, the only public mental health hospital in the Eastern region.

Community Health Initiatives

Alive and Well STL

What does it mean to you to be Alive and Well in St. Louis? Alive and Well STL is a community-wide effort focused on reducing the impact of toxic stress and trauma on our health and wellbeing. The research is clear. Toxic stress and traumatic experiences are making many of us sick and together are […]

Decade Review of Health Status Report

In December 2012, the RHC released its Decade Review of Health Status Report, which looks at changes in health disparities and disparity metrics in St. Louis City and County over the last ten years. Check out the Health Status Report page to review the findings and learn more.

St. Louis ConnectCare Service Closure Response

In August 2013, the Chairman of Saint Louis ConnectCare (SLCC) provided a letter to the St. Louis Regional Health Commission (RHC), and requested RHC “convene an appropriate group of community partners to assist in developing and implementing a transition plan for Specialty Clinics and transportation services…as a goal, we have set October 1, 2013 as […]

Off the Charts! Collaborative, RHC and the Arts Community

The RHC with the Regional Arts Commission, RHCDA, and Missouri Institute for Mental Health have partnered to explore how data and art can be used to foster collaboration and increase understanding of important public health issues in St. Louis. Learn more about the first half-day workshop “Off the Charts: Data and the Arts as Tools for Social Change,” and stay tuned for additional opportunities to participate.

Joining in the Region’s Heroin Response

We partner with Nine Network of Public Media to share important community health issues with the St. Louis region.

Fostering Collaboration Among Community and University Partners

We launched the Community University Health Research Partnerships initiative to focus research efforts on health care problems of importance to the community and fund promising research collaborations jointly led by university researchers and St. Louis community organizations.

Empowering Individuals Through Health Literacy Training and Education

We developed a community-wide plan for improving health literacy, which led to the eventual formation of Health Literacy Missouri.

Conducting a Comprehensive Community Health Assessment

We established a Community Health Workgroup to conduct a yearlong, comprehensive Community Health assessment that involved broad, stakeholder participation and contact with more than 800 organizations to provide input on prevention services available in the region.