What does it mean to you to be Alive and Well in St. Louis?

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Alive and Well STL is a community-wide effort focused on reducing the impact of toxic stress and trauma on our health and wellbeing. The research is clear. Toxic stress and traumatic experiences are making many of us sick and together are a leading cause of poor health outcomes.

To become Alive and Well, we need informed, supportive com­munities; service providers who have adopted trauma-informed practices; and trauma-informed mental health services. As we become trauma informed, we will become increasingly emotionally and physically well, enabling us to be Alive and Well in St. Louis.

To build a healthier St. Louis, the RHC is collaborating with individuals and organizations across the community. We are also partnering with media to elevate the conversation about trauma and toxic stress. Our media partners include: KSDK Channel 5, the St. Louis American, Radio One and Rare Gem Productions.

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Alive and Well STL is also recruiting a group of ambassadors to serve as experts in, and liaisons to, the community to further communicate the message of Alive and Well STL. Additionally, Alive and Well STL has supported trauma related trainings about the impact and prevalence of trauma in an effort to encourage organizations to adopt trauma-informed practices.


Communities across the country are beginning to recognize the impact toxic stress and trauma have on our overall health. Research, including the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, demonstrates that adverse events and stress – especially persistent, toxic stress or traumatic incidents – lead to chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer, as well as depression, alcoholism and drug abuse. St. Louis and the State of Missouri are being recognized nationally for developing innovative models in response to this research. Learn more about the ACE Study and other cities around the country that are working to become safe, trauma-informed communities here.

Alive and Well STL Executive Steering Committee

To date, the Regional Health Commission’s advisory boards have been guiding the Alive and Well STL initiative with community members who have participated in community events and trainings. Staff has been working to coordinate with similar initiatives in the region to ensure no duplication of effort and to support the global goal of improving the vitality of the region. The Alive and Well STL executive committee has been formed to formalize this coordination. The Committee is co-chaired by the RHC advisory board chairs: Joe Yancey and Fred Rottnek, MD.

Join us!

Join the conversation about what it means to be Alive and Well! As this conversation moves forward, we will continue to gather as a community to share what positive supportive services already exist in St. Louis, what additional services we need, and how we as individuals, families and neighbors can support one another to become Alive and Well.

Improving the wellness of our community is up to all of us, and everyone is invited to join in the conversation. If you, your family, or your organization are interested in talking about how we can improve the well-being of the region, sign up for more information or contact

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