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The RHC recognizes the impact of toxic stress and trauma on the health and well-being of our communities. Our communities are working to ask new questions, build common understanding, and create pathways to healing.

While trauma does not discriminate and impacts all communities, our work centers the impact of the trauma of discrimination, which science increasingly shows has devastating health impacts. With all of this knowledge, we seek to build the will to change and to activate communities to heal.

Our Approach

We partner with school districts, health systems, and companies to alleviate and address the impacts of trauma and toxic stress on students, patients, and teams. We offer evidence-based trainings and tailored consulting ranging from one-time professional development to intensive multiyear partnerships.

Our team excels at:

Creating a shared understanding of the impact of trauma

Identifying and addressing barriers to employee wellness

Building trauma-informed organizational cultures

Equipping leaders with skills to supervise and manage thriving, well-being focused teams

Our Services

No matter where you are on the journey to addressing trauma and toxic stress, we will meet you there and equip your team with the resources and tools to go farther. Check out the trainings below!

These trainings include support for school counselors, Missouri Model Trauma Awareness Training, and more! Check out the One-time Trainings page to learn more.

We offer multiple professional development series designed to build the knowledge base of your workforce. Each series goes deeper on specific topics and helps your team members progress in their understanding of and skills to employ trauma-informed care at work and in life. To see our full menu of options, please visit our Professional Development page.

Looking for additional support for your team outside of a group setting? We offer 1:1 coaching for people leaders to help them:

  • Connect the dots of what they learned in training to their daily work, leadership, and life
  • Troubleshoot challenges occurred when implementing their action plans
  • Answer questions that arise in daily implementation of building a trauma-informed team

Visit our Leadership Coaching page to learn more.

Looking to go beyond trainings to assess your policies and workplaces? We have a team for that. These services are ideal for workplace leaders, particularly in Human Resources, Operations, and/or Facilities. Visit our Workplace Assessments and Policy Reviews page to learn more.

For a menu of workshops that can be tailored to meet your school and/or organizational objectives, visit our Workshops page.

Ready to begin or advance your organization’s journey to becoming trauma-informed? Fill out our interest form for trainings and workshops using the button below, or check out our list of Healthcare Trainings!

Why Alive & Well Trainings?

These trainings are “rewarding, unbelievable, engaging and inspiring.”

Former Peer Led Supporting Space Participant

Our unique and proven approach to building trauma-informed teams and organizations makes us different than other training and professional development organizations:

Lived and professional experience

Our team of expert facilitators and practitioners bring dozens of years of lived and professional experience in education, healthcare, and nonprofit leadership. Meet our team.


All of our offerings reflect the latest science around trauma, toxic stress and resiliency.


In order to disrupt persistent racial and communal disparities and cycles of trauma, we need the combination of a grassroots movement and organizational transformation. Our training focuses on helping organizations build internal muscle so they can implement long-term, sustainable cultural change.

Work With Us

Our team can customize any of the above trainings and offerings to meet your school and or organizational objectives, tailoring one-time trainings and workshops to be 60-minutes and up to full-day sessions.

Contact our Director of Training and Technical Assistance


If you’re interested in learning more about our trainings or would like to get involved as a participant or volunteer, get in touch with our Director of Training and Technical Assistance today, or fill out an interest form.