In August 2020, Missouri voters approved Medicaid expansion! As of October 1, 2021, Missouri Medicaid covers adults ages 19 through 64 with incomes at or below the limit for their household size (click here for more on eligibility).

The RHC prioritizes expanding coverage for the uninsured and underinsured. To that end, the RHC and its partners are closely tracking developments around Missouri Medicaid expansion, reporting on current legislation’s potential impacts on health care access, and helping lead advocacy efforts to improve the St. Louis health care safety net.

Medicaid Redetermination

Annual renewals for MO HealthNet (Missouri Medicaid) will begin April 1, 2023. Annual renewals have not been required since the Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) was put in place in January, 2020, to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a Missourian who gets healthcare coverage through MO HealthNet or any of the Managed Care health plans (Healthy Blue, Home State Health, or United Healthcare):

  1. Make sure contact information is up-to-date. Make sure DSS has your current mailing address, phone number, email, or other contact information.  You can update your information here or log into the FSD benefit portal.
  2. Check the mail. DSS should send you a letter about your Medicaid or CHIP coverage. This letter will also let you know if you need to complete a renewal form to see if your family members still qualify for Medicaid or CHIP.
  3. Complete your renewal form (if you get one). If you need to complete a renewal form, be sure to fill it out and return it right away to help avoid any gaps in Medicaid or CHIP coverage.

The Missouri Department of Senior Services (MDSS) has created a new benefit portal for MO Healthnet (Missouri Medicaid) recipients. After you create an account and log in, you can complete your annual renewal through the Benefit Portal!

To learn more about MO Healthnet Renewals and access resources, visit the MDSS renewals page. You can also click the videos below for additional information.

How to Report a Change

What is a Medicaid Annual Renewal

Create Your Benefit Portal Account

Missouri Medicaid Annual Renewals

Step-by-Step Application Video

Check out this step-by-step guide for Missouri’s online Medicaid application. Pro tip: hover over the dots or click on the “chapters” function in the bottom right corner to navigate to relevant sections of the video.

To start your application, visit and click “Apply for Health Benefits.”

Visit the RHC’s YouTube page to access a video with additional timestamps for your application questions.

Cover Missouri Find Local Help

For Medicaid help locations throughout Missouri, visit and search for assistance in your area.

Using Your Medicaid Plan

Applying for Medicaid is just the first step, it’s also important to know how to receive care once you’re approved. Click below for videos from Health Literacy Media on how to use your plan.

How to Choose or Change your Primary Care Provider

Health Care Services Covered by Medicaid

How to Know Where to Go to Receive Care

Resource Library

Community Referral Coordinators (CRC)

Community Referral Coordinators from the St. Louis Integrated Health Network are available to help you establish a primary care provider, apply for healthcare, access care while you wait to be approved, and more! You can contact a CRC below for assistance, or fill out this simple form online and they will reach out to you.

Joyce V. Driver

Community Referral Coordinatorjdriver@stlouisihn.org314-571-0874

Brittany Jones

Community Referral Coordinatorbjones@stlouisihn.org314-571-0952

Sharable Flyers

RHC Blog Posts Tracking Missouri Medicaid Expansion

View the RHC’s recent posts around Medicaid expansion below, as well as our policy page to learn more about the RHC’s advocacy efforts.

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