Advocacy – a tool for achieving policy and systemic change – is a key strategic priority of the RHC. Our advocacy efforts, which remain non-partisan, evidence-based, collaborative, and patient/person-centered, bolster our mission to improve access to health care, improve health outcomes, and eliminate health disparities.

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Actions We Prioritize

  1. Take a firm position on policies that improve health outcomes and increase access to care
  2. Leverage other organizations to share and support advocacy issues
  3. Utilize data and patient/provider stories to elevate patient concerns
  4. Empower and educate advisory boards and patients with advocacy tools and trainings
  5. Strengthen relationships with elected officials and provide education

RHC Policy Tracker

Each legislative cycle, the RHC tracks state actions that could significantly affect health outcomes across the state of Missouri and beyond. Check out our policy tracker here or by clicking the button below to see what legislation we’re tracking in the 2024 session.

Take Action

After months of campaigning and organizing, in August 2020, Missourians passed a ballot measure to expand Medicaid and improve the health of our state. The St. Louis Regional Health Commission (RHC) is committed to ensuring Medicaid expansion’s timely and effective implementation.

Before expansion, nearly 600,000 Missourians, or almost 1 in 10, did not have health insuranceExpansion extends eligibility for an additional 275,000 Missourians, including people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and asthma. Now, adults may qualify who earn less than $17,774 per year as an individual, and less than $36,750 for a family of four (138% of the federal poverty level). 

We need to hold our state accountable to effectively implement the expansion of this life saving program. Sign up for our listserv (at the top of this webpage) to stay updated about advocacy opportunities. 

Visit for more information on how to enroll in Medicaid.

Stay informed about upcoming elections and make your voice heard! Your vote impacts the health of your community. Visit the RHC’s Vote Safe page for more information on how to vote safely in the upcoming elections.

Each legislative cycle, the RHC tracks Missouri legislation that could impact the health of our state. Stay informed via the RHC’s Policy Tracker page. Contact your elected officials to let them know what you think about the bills!

Advocacy Framework

Collectively design and align strategies with regional efforts.

Develop shared advocacy action steps with advisory boards and partners.

Educate advisory boards, the Commission, legislators, and the community on policy updates and action steps.

Leverage partner organizations to activate their own communities.

Advocate for specific policy changes at institutional, regional, state-wide, and federal levels.

Our Priority Areas

Expanding coverage for the uninsured and underinsured

Achieving health equity

Developing the health care workforce

Addressing social determinants of health

Legislative Spotlights

  • RHC Joins Sign-On Letter Opposing Anti-Diversity Legislation
    State legislators are currently deliberating on a number of proposed laws aimed at limiting the ability of public and private organizations to conduct training or implement initiatives focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Some of these bills target only state departments, while others extend to public and private medical institutions within higher education. If passed, … Read more
  • RHC supports policy increasing access to doula services
    On January 31, the RHC submitted public comment in support of proposed rule 13 CSR 70-25.160 Doula Services, which would establish the Department of Social Services’ MO HealthNet Division guidelines regarding coverage and reimbursement for community doula services.     Maternal and infant mortality rates in Missouri are consistently one of the highest in the nation, and people … Read more
  • Recent Kaiser survey highlights discrimination in health care settings across racial and ethnic groups
    On December 5th, KFF posted a press release about their recently published 2023 Racism, Discrimination and Health Survey. The survey, a large, nationally representative sample of over 6,000 responses illustrates the experiences of racism and discrimination across racial and ethnic groups. The survey explores experiences related to economic circumstances, interactions with police, discrimination in daily … Read more
  • RHC submits testimony in support of the removal of FRA expiration date
    On January 17th, the Regional Health Commission (RHC) submitted testimony in support of Senate Bill 748 (SB 748) which would remove the expiration date for the federal reimbursement allowance (FRA).  The federal reimbursement allowance (FRA) system also known as the “provider tax” started in the 1990s, when hospitals began voluntarily contributing funds to the state, … Read more


To learn more about the RHC’s Health Policy and Advocacy work, please contact Riisa Rawlins.