The Patient Advisory Board (PAB) represents the voice of patients. Leading from lived experience, all members have navigated the health care system without insurance, under Medicaid or Medicare coverage, or through the Gateway to Better Health Program. This team identifies and defines barriers within the health care safety net, provides input on the community impact of regional health care issues, and acts as a sounding board for RHC initiatives. The Patient Advisory Board members meet monthly to advise and shape the RHC’s work.

Interested in becoming a member? Reach out to Rosetta Keeton at or by phone at 314-446-6478.

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Robin S. Cole, MA
(Co-Chair, Patient Advisory Board)

Saint Louis Public Schools

Nia Sumpter
(Co-Chair, Patient Advisory Board )

Sam Blue – Parliamentarian
Sandra Bryant
Auriel Cole
Jessica Douglas
Keely Finney
Irwin Henderson
Brandi Johnson
Tina Miller
Lorine Pattin
Demaris Ridgell
Fern Scott
Angela Brown (Ex Officio)
Chief Executive Officer, St. Louis Regional Health Commission

“I joined the advisory board to be a voice for patients. Providers need to hear from us.”

-Robin Cole, Co-Chair of Patient Advisory Board
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