What does it mean to you to be Alive and Well in St. Louis?

Join Alive and Well STL host Jade Harrell as she interviews community members and health experts to ask that question and more!

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Background of the Alive and Well STL Radio Program

In December 2013, the RHC released the Decade Review of Health Status Report.  Following the report’s release, the Commission worked to disseminate the Report and its findings to audiences and communities beyond the traditional stakeholder base. The RHC, in collaboration with RareGem Productions, piloted a weekly fifteen-minutes radio program, Alive and Well STL, as a central component of this dissemination effort.

In seasons one and two, the program brought together community members and experts on a variety of health and safety net issues, highlighting all 13 health topics featured in the Decade Review of Health Status Report as well as additional subjects recommended by the RHC Advisory Boards.

The goals of the show were to:

  1. Inform, educate and engage the St. Louis community around key health and safety net topics.
  2. Connect with community members who are medically uninsured and underinsured, surrounding businesses, churches and schools to build awareness, and provide access to regional health information
  3. Disseminate the findings of the Decade Review to nontraditional stakeholders through a unique channel.

After the success of the first two seasons of the Alive and Well STL radio program, the RHC’s advisory boards recommended focusing programming on the impact of toxic stress and trauma on our overall health and how we can build resilient, healthy communities. With this message, the Alive and Well STL initiative has grown beyond the airwaves and into a larger, national conversation about how regions can coordinate to support trauma-informed services to improve our overall health.

Past Episodes of Alive and Well STL

Didn’t catch all the Alive and Well STL Programs on the radio? Listen, download and share online! Check out our Alive and Well STL YouTube channel for full episodes and short clips.

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