About the Off the Charts! Collaborative

In 2012, the RHC partnered with the Regional Arts Commission, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, Missouri Foundation for Health and Rise to form the Off the Charts! Collaborative. This diverse group explores creative ways to communicate regional health and housing data and to engage artists and researchers in integrated processes to encourage social change.

About the Off the Charts! Workshop

The second annual “Off the Charts! Data and the Arts for Social Change” workshop, held at on July 18, 2014, was sponsored by the RHC and Regional Arts Commission. This full day conversation, attended by over 150 healthcare leaders, researchers and artists, was designed to share health and housing data with artists and nonprofit leaders, explore local projects utilizing data and the arts, and foster conversation about new opportunities to develop projects that share this information in creative ways throughout the community.

We were joined by featured speaker Jer Thorpe, an Adjunct Professor at New York University and COCA’s Data Artist in Residence. The presentation explored the possibilities created when we appreciate the humanity of data by focusing on a variety of his professional experiences including: working as the New York Times’ Data Artist in Residence; assisting with the design of the World Trade Center Memorial; and contributing to NASA’s data visualization efforts. Learn more about Jer on his blog.

The workshop also included a variety of panels, hands-on trainings and collaborative conversations featuring local and national leaders in physical and behavioral health, art, community building and data visualization. These breakout sessions included a panel discussion about behavioral health in our region and an interactive gallery that allowed participants to engage with health data and share their interpretations about what it means to be “Alive and Well” in St. Louis.

By rotating through these, and other, experiences participants had the opportunity to both explore specific topics and projects in depth and begin to appreciate existing, and create their own, collaborations.

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