ST. LOUIS, June 4, 2020 – When patient advocate Rosetta Keeton was young, her father worked three jobs to take care of his wife and five children.

But he was ill, Keeton said, and didn’t have insurance. As she got older, Keeton would take her father to the emergency room at Homer G. Phillips Hospital, where nurses would greet him warmly. 

“People were very kind to him, but he was in a system of people who looked like him, who understood him, who knew the plight of this man trying to take care of his wife and five children,” Keeton said. 

Keeton, now the director of patient access at the St. Louis Regional Health Commission, will be honored by the St. Louis American Foundation as its 2020 Lifetime Achiever in Health Care.

Click here for the St. Louis American story.

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