A recent article published by the St. Louis American highlights criticism from Missouri health leaders, including RHC CEO Angela Brown, as they respond to the HJR 117 bill that puts Missourian’s access to Medicaid at risk.

The article notes, “HJR 117 would give the state legislature discretion whether to fund expanded Medicaid and to place work reporting requirements on residents eligible for Medicaid under the expansion. If the Senate approves the legislation, the issue would be on the statewide ballot in November 2022.”

Since its passing in the state House of Representatives, the bill has repeatedly been denounced by Missouri health leaders. Angela Brown wrote in a commentary earlier this month:

“The people of Missouri deserve access to the health care they approved. Missouri will take a huge step backwards in ensuring equitable access to care, effectively revoking the expansion of Medicaid.

These busy work requirements create extra bureaucratic barriers and may cause Medicaid recipients to lose their health care despite being eligible both through prior eligibility requirements and through the constitutionally guaranteed requirements approved under expansion.

Further, the wording of HJR 117 is confusing and misleading. Such language will result in voters accidentally approving added work requirements and removal of funding for expansion.”

Angela Brown, CEO of the St. Louis Regional Health Commission

To read the full article, visit the St. Louis American website here.

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