In August 2020, Missouri voters approved Medicaid expansion, making more than 200,000 Missourians eligible to receive healthcare coverage under Medicaid. However, since its approval, significant backlogs in application processing have prevented Missouri residents from receiving care — as of June 2022, over 58,000 Missourians had pending Medicaid applications. Although federal guidelines require Medicaid applications to be processed in 45 days or less, the average time that it takes the state to approve an application is currently about 100 days.

How to Check Your Application Status

If you recently applied for Medicaid but haven’t heard anything back yet, it might be helpful to check your application status. You can check your status online by visiting the Missouri Department of Social Services website at and clicking “Check Your Status.” After entering your information, if the screen reads “no information available,” it is likely that your application has not yet been approved or processed. However, if your screen shows “active coverage” with a start date listed, then you have officially been approved for Medicaid.

While You Wait

Medicaid Expansion HelpLine

If you or someone you know has waited over 45 days for your application to be processed, you can reach out to the Medicaid Expansion HelpLine at or 1-888-686-1744. The HelpLine, which is a collaboration between Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, the Regional Health Commission, and St. Louis University School of Law, has counselors available to answer questions related to Medicaid expansion, coverage, and applications. If it has been over 45 days since you submitted your Medicaid application, a counselor will also connect you to Legal Services of Eastern Missouri.

Community Referral Coordinators (CRC)

In addition to contacting the HelpLine, consider reaching out to a Community Referral Coordinator (CRC) from the St. Louis Integrated Health Network. CRCs can help you access care while you wait to be approved as well as provide support in navigating the healthcare system once you have coverage.

Joyce V. Driver

Community Referral Coordinatorjdriver@stlouisihn.org314-571-0874

Brittany Jones

Community Referral Coordinatorbjones@stlouisihn.org314-571-0952

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