Statement from Angela Brown, CEO, St. Louis Regional Health Commission

Missourians deserve to receive the coverage they voted for in August 2020. HJR 117 would undermine the will of the voters, threaten Missourians already receiving care with a risk of losing coverage, and jeopardize our opportunity to experience the economic growth and expansion numerous other states have benefitted from as a result of Medicaid expansion.

After 12 years of providing a temporary coverage model for uninsured adults who would otherwise have fallen through the cracks, the St. Louis Regional Health Commission joined with diverse coalitions of healthcare providers, patients and individuals seeking health coverage to fight for the expansion of the state’s Medicaid eligibility requirements.

On August 4, 2020, Missouri voters said “Yes on 2” to amend the state constitution to:

  • provide critical health access to uninsured, low-income individuals
  • provide critical funds to keep health centers and rural hospitals open
  • bring health and economic gains to residents and employers across the state

Today, we urge elected officials and voices to oppose HJR 117 and stand up for the will and health of Missourians.

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