The Regional Health Commission is joining the St. Louis Community Foundation, The Clark-Fox Policy Institute, FOCUS St. Louis, Forward Through Ferguson, Freedom Community Center, A Red Circle, InvestSTL, and the United Way of Greater St. Louis to host the third Racial Equity Summit in St. Louis on November 9-11, 2023. The 2023 Summit theme is “Together We Rise: The Power of Community.” The event will be all about community: how we harness collective power, who we center, how we amplify power of community, the role of democracy, how we enable community decision-making, how intersections of identities form powerful movements, and more.

The organizing committee is seeking a collective group of community members and organization representatives that provide community input on the content of the 2023 Racial Equity Summit. Applications to be a Presenter and serve on the Community Advisory Committee are now open and due on Friday, June 30

Information on summit registration and details will be released soon. Attendees can join in person or virtually. Follow the Summit on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @STLRES23.

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