This week, RHC’s Chief Operations and Strategy Officer, Riisa Rawlins-Easley, was featured as a panel member for the sixth annual UMSL School of Social Work Critical Issues Symposium.

The symposium gathered more than 70 faculty members, social work professionals, and St. Louis area residents for a discussion on advancing justice through equitable outcomes. The event, which aimed to bring attention to conversations about equity in health care, critical race theory, and opportunities for change, uplifted the voices of leaders in social work.

“Can we be more robust in our understanding of how qualitative data helps to inform the history and the choices that we make and thinking about creative solutioning for the intractable issue of health care or any injustice that we’re seeing?”

Riisa Rawlins-Easley

During the panel, Riisa advocated for policies rooted in “targeted universalism,” open communication, collaboration among regional institutions, and “radical listening.” For more valuable insight from Riisa and the other panel members, check out this article by the UMSL Daily.

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